How to Choose a Localization Company

Software localization is an integral component of each business’s development process. Thanks to it, your products will reach millions of new customers, and you will achieve a high sales growth. Also, the measures taken in its dealings have a significant impact on the technical writing procedures. Hence, it is crucial for all firms to bet on professional, secure and quality agencies. But what is the best place to find them? And when is the right time to approach such a vendor? Here are a handful of essential tips for you to follow when selecting a company.

  • When?

To save valuable time, expenses and problems in the future, experts recommend that you consult with the agency you chose in the initial phase of developing your company software. Thus, in case of any mistakes or obstacles, both you and the hired specialists will be able to react accurately in time before it is too late.

Do not forget to define your needs before you begin searching since this is the only way to gain incredible results. Answer yourself what kind of your texts are and what niche they belong to. Test the waters by asking fundamental and exigent questions to your potential partners.

Keep in mind that communication does not end with signing the contract. What is more – always keep each other updated, maintaining regular contact through phone calls. The willingness of your subcontractors to share information is highly indicative of their integrity and your long-term relationship.

  • Where?

Although there are thousands of localization companies to pick out from, dexterous entrepreneurs should research their alternatives thoroughly. Particularly when it comes to a sphere in which rules and technologies are ceaselessly altering. A great place where you will undoubtedly find the appropriate firm for you, are all professional associations where they usually gather.

For instance, a significant organization is The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), which is focused solely on these professions. Also, you can attend their four annual conferences in which to meet the biggest ’’players’’. Usually, one of them is held in Europe and Asia, and the other two – in the USA.

  • What?

It is vital to emphasize the fact that when hunting for a localization agency, you must not only review their services but also familiarize with the team that will work on your business account. Why is this indispensable? A high number of companies around the world offer comparable services in a highly competitive environment. However, the feature that distinguishes them is namely their employees. Therefore, it is a good practice to have an interview with the project manager and other professionals who are critical for your objectives.

Similarly, trusting in-market translators is a mighty fruitful decision as well. They not only master the specific language but also are adroit at all linguistic nuances that transform the tedious content into eye-catching and engaging translation. Remember – quality is momentous as your brand identity is at stake. So any mistakes or bungled texts are more than inadmissible, and will inevitably subvert your overall image.

  • How much?

Like most things in real life, in the same way with this industry, you get what you paid for. If you make up your mind to economize by pitching on a low-priced firm, this will result in future losses for your business due to their poor quality services. Of course, that does not mean that you should throw yourself away, paying more than you need. Instead, the ideal option is to start seeking a company that price-match its rivals, offer user interface testing and access to their translation tools without a complementary fee.

Complying with your deadlines is also a signal light that proves that the vendor is worth the investment. What you are presumably not aware of is the fact that a significant percentage of your total cost derives precisely from the time spent on finalizing your project. Here is why it is a must for your future website translation agency to elaborate contingency plans into their schedules.

Choosing a localization company for your business is not a piece of cake. However, it is a golden opportunity to invest in your global presence online. In a nutshell – to avoid underwater stones on the way, you solely need to follow our tips mentioned above. Thanks to them, you’ll find out how to serve your multilingual audiences like never before.

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