Localization as a Key Element of Marketing

It is astounding to perceive how many companies around the world are seriously criticized for their lack of a proper marketing approach before entering a new target market. But what is the exact cause of this simultaneously negative and notorious fact? Besides, to what extent is the localization process important for the success of the marketing activities of a given business? What are the steps to achieving an excellent marketing localization? Let’s find the answers to these questions right now!

In fact, localizing all marketing materials, particularly these days, is an exceptionally difficult business undertaking. This is the reason for the lack of a proper marketing approach by a large percentage of firms around the world. The situation is the following: while time presses the specialists, customers have serious concerns about global brand management. At the same time, new media and technologies are emerging unceasingly. Undoubtedly, it sounds mighty complicated and even startling. Nevertheless, practice has repeatedly proven that companies daring to dive into this challenge called marketing localization, soon begin to reap significant entrepreneurial success and competitive advantages.

If you aim to grow your brand awareness, boost your business sales and, of course, improve your SEO ranking, then localization is the key to all this. Although most marketers are aware of the necessity to speak their clients’ language, to what extent are they willing to do it right?

It is essential to emphasize the fact that global marketing success is about far more than merely website translation into lots of different languages, as translation guarantees that your message is sensible, while localization, in turn, reaches the heart of all customers. And that is what makes the localization process a key element of the overall marketing strategy, since speaking to the heart is the main objective of all marketing campaigns.

You do not need to be entrepreneurs in order to realize that global consumers nowadays become increasingly demanding. Therefore, the marketing messages committed to your target audience must be more powerful than ever. For that purpose, your company needs to overcome all cultural and language barriers by creating a relevant, timely and captivating content. Experts call marketing localization a set of inventive, highly-branded and properly localized content. Unfortunately, this type of localization has definitely become much more sophisticated, compared to past years. Here is why you surely need a team of highly qualified specialists experienced in marketing localization. Since this is not enough in itself, in the name of your business prosperity, we recommend you take a look at the following steps, which will undoubtedly help you achieve outstanding marketing localization.

Start thinking globalfrom day one

If you plan an expansion of your business by entering new foreign markets, then it is more than necessary to have the right mindset. In your capacity as leader, you must think global and simultaneously act local. Brand voice’s purpose is to put words to the whole vision of a certain company, which undeniably means that your business needs an overall consistent brand voice and tune that is in harmony with the expectations of your target audience. It is crucial to always keep in mind that without excellent multi-country brand management, your marketing localization process will not be successful.

Always be ready for change.

Whether we are talking about large or small companies, they all have to localize their names, slogans, product names and taglines for local markets.

For instance, let’s take a look at the notorious case with Nokia in which the brand launched a new phone in Spanish speaking countries without conducting marketing localization. As a result, their original product name means ‘’prostitute’’ translated to Spanish. Of course, this found expression in generating a number of negative opinions about the popular brand.

Receive a consultation.

It is particularly important for your business to have an appropriate approach that is in line with the culture of your new target country. You merely need to find a local qualified marketing localization specialist providing consultation, advice and help.

Do not forget the final review.

In order to make sure that your target audience reacts well to the localized marketing materials, you should at all costs include a final review of all of your marketing localization projects.

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