Localization – the Small Secret of the Huge Business Organizations

Localization is so much more than just a direct translation. It is all about careful adapting of the content of a product or service so that it can reach a certain target group and resonate with a culture.

If you are a company looking for international growth you will eventually have to consider implementing localization for your software services. For this you will have to review its multiple aspects in respect of your specific business and business needs. Reaching a global audience may seem like every business’ primary goal. Consumers anywhere on the planet may become incredibly easy to reach. However, using different web platforms and social channels is no guarantee that you will connect with the right markets.

So, if your target is a piece of the global market, localization is your way to go. Here are three ways in which you can significantly improve your efforts for global audiences through localization.

Determine the main message to your customers

Changes in any culture are highly influenced on political, social, economical and environmental level. However, your main message to the target groups and customers should stay the same regardless of what target market you’re focusing on. One successful example here is Coca Cola, with its influence on people from all over the world – easily recognizable and trustful benchmark.

Localization – Choose the right language

Even though this always seems the first and most logical step to take, it is in fact a truly complicated matter. Using slang, inappropriate language and culture references is an absolute non-goal. Focus on a clear, slang-free language, which can be easily understood by any native speaker. Another point you need take into consideration is providing a translation service on your website for non-English speakers, as it will allow you to reach more customers and expand globally.

Check your website’s speed

Your whole web infrastructure has to be upgraded in case you choose to use localization as a solution for business development. When you are managing a global entity and want to match local internet speeds, it is essential to work with content delivery networks (CDNs), as they will basically speed up your success, caching content on servers around the globe.

Internet nowadays gives the opportunity to be part of a global communication. No website is ever bound by any border and therefore can easily reach any user on the web, no matter where he is physically. Despite this, many companies still fear that using localization for their business might cause additional administrative load and costs and slow down their activities. That is why they should become aware that if they localize their content properly, this can significantly ease the cycle and increase the efficiency of the website services.

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