When intending to expand your business in a foreign market, you should create a strong relationship with your global public. Of course, the most effective manner to achieve this is with the help of website localization, which means to start speaking their native languages.

But what precisely means to localize your company’s website? It is all about rewriting it when you begin expanding your business abroad. And it is critical to emphasize that localization does not mean a simple word-to-word translation of your online content.

Localization includes changing visuals, units of measure, currencies and all the details you need to live up to your new clients’ expectations. Now, let me show you how to enhance your SEO with localization!

Start using hreflang tags to mark all translated pages

The role of hreflangs is to show search engines the way your webpages in various languages connect to each other.

For instance, imagine that you have the same text written twice – in Spanish and in English. When it comes to English, you must tag pages as hreflang “en”, and for Espaňol – “es”. Thus, you help Google discover the pages it should list in countries that speak Spanish.

Remember that although hreflang tags are not crucial SEO factors, you have to make sure that they are properly implemented since if they are not, your pages will not be indexed by search engines. Consequently, your company could not get to its targeted audience and therefore, you will gain high bounce rates, negative user experience, and poor conversions.

Use local keywords to create an SEO strategy for the specific language

Keywords are a vital part of SEO because customers always use them to search for specific service or product online.

And can you guess what perfectly understands your website content, analyzing what meaning your keywords have?

Of course, the new artificial intelligence of Google!

But do not forget that keywords are not the same in all countries! Let’s take a look at clients in the USA and Great Britain, for example. The first ones usually search the keyword ‘’car rental’’, while the second ones look for ‘’car hire’’.

Here is why it is essential to hire local SEO experts that will always research keywords when you decide to localize for a new region or a country.

Do not bet on just translating English keywords along with your website content since there is a high risk of losing lots of potential audiences.

Remember to build local backlinks

As an entrepreneur, we know that you are aware of how significant backlinks are for your SEO strategy, especially if you had an optimized English site.

And it is all about links to your .es or .fr pages – similar to when coming up with your new pages.  However, if you aim at dominating the local search engines, it is important to have links that are from local sources.

Hence, it is necessary for you to discover local websites in your business field and then find out ways to earn some good links from your site and to it.

And the rules include the following things: keywords that are relevant and good domain authority.

For high-quality content, the links should come naturally. However, your company must not just wait, relying on famous local websites to mention its name.

Instead, to boost your SEO, start building valuable links by your own every time you begin a website localization project.

But what should you do in case you have a physical presence in your given target market? Then, it is vital to write your contact data and local address on your site. Also, you should not skip signing up to Google My Business because all this assist you in becoming more popular with Google and thus, achieving trust.

Always remember that localizing your site is not the key to your desired results unless you succeed in ranking high translated web pages. Therefore, it is critical for the localization of your website to transform into a strong SEO strategy. To achieve this objective, you need localization engineers that will identify and solve every technical problem related to SEO. They will boost your online presence in targeted local markets, enhance your website traffic, and finally, increase your sales!