About us

We are a team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specifics of our job. It is our pleasure to work with dedication, precision and efficiency, and to follow through on any challenging tasks. We ensure that customer requirements and expectations are always met, and so are deadlines!

Quality, integrity, and team spirit are what define us. We work hard, but also smart; we love a good laugh, and we enjoy life and what we do. Members of our team are known to have a passion for languages, technology, visual content creation, blogging, leadership, organization, humour, and the occasional bar chocolate as we go about all of these!

Have you heard the saying “Nothing succeeds like success”? We are successful in what we do, and that clearly translates into your success as well! We would love to be your partner on your way to achieving your goals!


“Translating should be an enriching intellectual experience and you should end a job as a different person.” Danilo Nogueira

Bright and creative individual? Achieve more by working with people in a successful team!

We welcome new members who would contribute to the diversity and uniqueness of the Team and manage to keep up with the high standards we have set up and maintained. The kind of translation that we provide requires team work, personal responsibility, and long-term involvement.

The ideal member of the Team would be a university graduate, preferably in economics, finance, engineering, computer science or HR, with fluent Bulgarian and English, and good skills in at least one more European language. More languages are always an advantage.

The member of the Team is computer literate, with very good communication skills, quick learner, always eager to improve professionally and willing to be part of a successful team.

We strongly recommend that you fill out the motivation field.