Our company was founded in 2004 with the vision of meeting the growing demand by businesses for specialized translations and localization in the area of globalization. SLSP evolved from a team of experienced translators and experts in the IT and software industry.
We use up-to-date formats and tools for computer-aided translation, localization, graphic design and layout. By maintaining terminology databases for all projects, we can ensure consistency across all texts. We have an in-house team of highly skillful and enthusiastic translators, as well as a system for employee training and quality monitoring.
Our experts are continuously gaining new knowledge and skills. Not only do we follow recent developments but we also implement them according to globally and locally recognized standards.


This has been our key expertise since the outset, and we are proud to be the Bulgarian language solutions provider for the world-renowned company SAP SE. We have worked on innovative products such as CRM, SRM, and ERP. When it comes to software translation and localization, we have what it takes and we shine at it.


Over the last few years, we have vastly expanded our experience with the translation and localization of mobile apps. This is another area where demand for specialized translation and localization services is growing, and which has its own specific requirements.


In the globalization era, the telecommunications industry is rapidly transforming into a multimedia-information industry, which is tightly associated with the innovative technologies of our time. As you expand into new markets, we are here to satisfy your translation and localization needs!


With our in-depth experience and expertise, we can satisfy your need for translation and localization in the sphere of finance, accounting, and banking. We observe a strict confidentiality and non-disclosure policy.


Our experience with translation and localization in this field covers a wide range: HR, HCM, HXM, talent management systems and software, websites, mobile apps, training materials and internal company documentation and procedures. Whatever your needs may be in the processes of international mergers and acquisitions, opening subsidiaries abroad, recruitment, onboarding, succession and employee development, performance and compensation management, health and safety at work, distribution of company policies, etc., we have the right expertise to assist you.


Marketing is an especially challenging area as it involves mostly transcreation rather than the usual approach to translation. Not all translation providers venture into this zone of creativity, which requires passion, skill and flair, and we can help you achieve the impact on your audience that you desire.


This particularly specific area of technical translation with a large volume of complex terminology calls for utmost responsibility, strong attention to detail, accuracy and consistency, and we are well equipped with the right skills and expertise.


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