Our services are tailored to your specific needs. By doing what we do best, we can free you up to focus your time and energy on your main goal: growing your business and seizing all opportunities globalization has to offer.

You can request an individual service or a combination of services, and all at flexible prices.


We provide translation services for Balkan and Eastern European languages such as: Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bosnian, Macedonian, Albanian, and more.

The translation process typically involves:

1. Preparing a terminology database, glossaries, and style guides
2. Translation with the use of CAT tools to guarantee accuracy and consistency of terminology
3. Editing and proofreading, if required
4. Delivery of the end product.

You can request a full TEP service or just a translation service, depending on your needs. Formal documents and texts that are public facing should undergo an editing and proofreading phase, whereas documents for internal use might not require that.
We can also provide editing and proofreading as a separate service for texts that have already been translated by other translation providers. This helps you optimize your costs and guarantee the quality you need.


Localization refers to the adaptation of software, websites, mobile apps, multimedia content, etc. to meet the needs of a particular language, country, or region. It is an essential prerequisite for global growth, allowing companies to break into new markets. We are here to help you bridge the gap of cultural differences so that you can reach out to customers with a “look and feel” that is familiar to them.


With certain texts, you just have to nail it! There is simply no room for misunderstanding – you just cannot get ‘lost in translation’. You need to convey your message smoothly and elegantly, unobstructed by language or culture. It has to move and stir, raise a laugh or bring a tear, and eloquently arrive at the reader’s heart and mind. This is not merely a task of converting words and phrases from one language to another. This is mastery of the highest order – the power of word harnessed to serve you.


Are your existing translations helping you to convert prospects into customers and reach your business goals? If you are not getting the results you want, why not let us take a look? High-quality content is your number one asset to impress and engage your potential audience. Just as professional styling and grooming are indispensable for celebrities, the look, tone, and style of your content are key to establishing the image of your business.


Transcription is the conversion of speech from an audio recording to written text. We can transcribe your meetings, interviews, phone conversations, training content from videos, podcasts, webinars, and any other events you may wish to have in written format. An hour of recorded audio takes roughly 4 hours to transcribe.


Terminology databases help to manage the specific terms used by a particular industry or client so as to ensure that translations are always consistent, irrespective of the type of content.
By leveraging the benefits of a terminology database, you can:
• Speed up the translation process
• Guarantee the consistent translation of each term every time it is used
• Ensure optimum external and internal communication
We can create and maintain individual terminology databases, style guides, and electronic glossaries.


Machine translation (MT) post-editing is the process of improving a machine-generated translation with minimal human effort. The MT output is compared with the source and corrected to provide the level of quality you desire.
Whereas light post-editing simply aims to make the output understandable (‘for-information’ translation), full post-editing also includes stylistic changes (‘for-publication’ translation) – choose your need and we will deliver.


Your choice between subtitling or dubbing should always depend on three main factors: your target audience, your technical capabilities, and your budget. For simpler multimedia content, subtitling undoubtedly provides a more straightforward and feasible solution. For more sophisticated video projects, however, you might want to consult experts, even at the preliminary stage, to ensure that production is streamlined and hassle-free.


Project management entails planning, organizing, and controlling all resources within a project with a view to ensuring its successful implementation. The challenge here is to meet defined goals as closely as possible, while overcoming the restrictions of scope, timeframe, resources, and budget at the same time. This necessitates precise, integrated application of knowledge, skills, instruments, and methods for optimizing the resources used.
In translation and translation-related activities, the larger the scope of a project, the more critical its management is to successful implementation. We ensure that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and in line with the quality standards agreed upon in advance.


Desktop publishing is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a personal computer. DTP software can generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and images comparable to traditional typography and printing. We can prepare different types of printed documents and graphic materials that you might need for marketing purposes, such as brochures, flyers, and catalogues.

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