Critical Tips for a Successful Localization of Your Advertising Campaigns

Every productive entrepreneur knows that advertising has a huge impact on the needs and values of our society. To achieve this objective, you need to make a proper advertising campaign that will undoubtedly comprise that.

Thanks to their capability of promoting services and products, ad campaigns are among the most significant parts of marketing now. If you aim at positioning your company in the spotlight, then they are mandatory since they will bring you lots of new customers.

Indisputably, it takes hard working for advertising specialists to make these campaigns memorable and fruitful. Therefore, they bet on media channels such as television, radio, print, etc.

Now imagine it is time for you to propagate your brand abroad! There are two options: you either fail or you prosper. We suggest you be positive, because we have prepared a proven and crucial guide to localizing your advertising campaigns.  And if you follow our pieces of advice, you can rest assured that there will be solely one result for you – success!

Always start with a plan!

Before you begin localizing your ad materials you need to fully devote to this process, investing enough time and energy.

Do not forget that penetrating foreign markets is a serious undertaking. It is vital to plan and organize all the details in advance if you do not want to risk your brand’s integrity.

All localization specialists are categorical that it is compulsory to carefully review your campaign’s relevance and the products in the market. Then, the next step includes planning for all the necessary step and determining your customization’s degree.

Concentrate on your target public and their specific culture.

Your potential customers are most significant to your advertising campaign! You need to be aware of your target audience’s location, then you should focus on getting to know them as much as possible and respectively, on adjusting your strategies to their specific interests, problems, and values.

It is worth emphasizing that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” approach when it comes to foreign markets since every region is perfectly different. Instead, we encourage you to conduct a sound analysis of your target public’ s customs, history, and laws.

What about your style?

It is now time for you to specify the tone and style of your brand. You will have to choose whether your company’s voice will be informal or formal. Also, define whether your objective is adult or young individuals.

For instance, the pronoun “you” in English is used for both informal and formal situations. But this is not the case with the languages in Germany, France, and Spain. As far as they are concerned, they possess ways of expressing the formality’s levels that are different.

When in Spain, you can discover 5 alternatives of ‘’you’’ that are all in accordance with the formality, number, and region. They are the following: usted, tú and vos on the singular side, and vosotros and ustedes on the plural side.

Let’s look at the word “tú” that works perfectly for friendly and informal contexts in Mexico, Chile, and Spain. However, if your target countries are Argentina or Paraguay, then the same word will be changed with “vos”. When it comes to the word “usted”, people use it in formal situations in most of the Spanish speaking countries. But if you go to Cuba, Colombia, and Costa Rica, you will be surprised that “usted” is usually used among close circles of folks.

Choose transcreation over translation.

Remember to never make the mistake of simply rewriting your online content. What you need are trustworthy transcreation professionals, with the help of which your ad campaign will be customized and properly adapted to your target audience. Thus, you can be confident that you can relate to your new foreign clients by speaking their language.

It is extremely important for your brand to know its public and for you to make sure that all the details of your brand name, slogan, and campaign resonate to them.

Your brand message is your key to future prosperity! Therefore, take your time and concentrate on the impact you plan to make. In the end, it must elicit equal emotions and responses!


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